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What we do


What we do

Hubbub is a small but nimble marketing communications agency based in the UK achieving great outcomes for clients. Over the past 15 years, we've helped organisations in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia to create huge buzz and excitement about what matters most to them. Campaigns and projects we've rolled out for clients have had significant impact and have helped clients to get maximum attention, often in a very competitive environment where our clients budgets have been a fraction of their competitors'. We take pride in the results we achieve - and we put our success down to a blend of creativity, pragmatism, attention to detail and personality.



    New look for global franchisor

    Having developed a reputation for working with large international clients based in other countries, it will be no surprise that Hubbub was engaged by Expense Reduction Analysts to work on a major rebranding exercise for the organisation. Expense Reduction Analysts is a highly competitive and very effective business, and has a presence on almost every [...]

    Fast growing global franchise choose Hubbub for rebrand

    Expense Reduction Analysts are an international business with the objective of helping companies reduce their non-strategic costs. In practice, that means that they help companies make more profit without compromising anything of their business activities. While they have an exceptional track record in trimming the fat off costs for companies the world round, this time [...]

    Small business exhibition larges it up

    The Business Start-Up Exhibition, the leading UK event for business start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business, had reached a natural plateau and was struggling to grow further. The organisers wanted to significantly increase foot traffic and boost exhibition sales. Hubbub developed and managed an integrated promotional strategy, which included involvement of celebrities including Sir Alan Sugar [...]
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