Change up a gear

Hubbub is a small but nimble marketing communications agency based in the UK achieving great outcomes for significant clients.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped organisations in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia to create huge buzz and excitement about what matters most to them. Campaigns and projects we’ve rolled out for clients have had significant impact and have helped clients to get maximum attention, often in a very competitive environment where our clients budgets have been a fraction of their competitors’.

We take pride in the results we achieve – and we put our success down to a blend of creativity, pragmatism, attention to detail and personality.

A BETTER approach to getting you noticed, understood and loved

Let’s face it, attention is hard to get, and even harder to maintain. That’s why our starting point on all projects is to work out why people would actually care about your business and what you sell. Ensuring that your communications are relevant, appropriate, timeline and interesting is key.

Platforms which work

There’s not point attracting prospects to your website of platform if they are just disappointed when they get there. We help our clients build robust, responsive platforms which their prospects and clients enjoy using.

Outstanding content

There’s a lot of content out there. But not much of it is interesting. Understand this, and you immediately have a competitive advantage over others in your industry. Make your content accessible, interesting, relevant and even fun, and you will stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Beautiful designs

In life, people are attracted to beautiful things. So why would it be any different in business? Your bland, 20 page pdf could have a completely different impact as a beautiful, dynamic infographic spread.

Rock solid technology

We’ve been blown away by how much technology has moved on in the last two decades. The great news for you is that you don’t have to spend $100k on a website, or $1 million on a training platform. Yet you can have access to the same technology as the big guns in your industry. We’ll help you find, select and customise the right tech.

Suddenly in March 2020, the impacts of Corona Virus have upended the content challenge. Attention and customers are in short supply. Businesses are under extreme pressure, and remote working is the new normal. So it is very difficult to compete for the attention of customers, contacts, key stakeholders, franchisees, members or staff in a fast changing environment if you are using standard campaign modes.

Hubbub brings you the capability to capture your stories fast, and publish them more like a media organisation – regularly, and in the most popular, binge-worthy formats. This approach means customers spend more time with your content. And we deliver more content from your budgets – meaning you get better ROI.

Our diverse client base

We’re privileged to work for a diverse cohort of organisations across many major industries. From the outset, we’ve chosen not to specialise in one area or industry – and this means that we can now bring to our clients our up-to-the-minute experience across a range of disciplines, industries, geographies and contexts. This enables us to design and deliver creative experiences which get the results our clients seek.

A special relationship with

Significant projects we’ve undertakend have included projects with the New Zealand Government, The MRI Network, Expense Reduction Analysts, AstraZenica, MailSource UK Ltd (owned by SwissPost), and international pitch specialist Andy Bounds. 

Our client now takes up the lion’s share of our focus, which means that we’re working with fascinating brands from around the world and across multiple industries.

Alongside yBC, we’ve worked with some of the UK and Europe’s biggest brands. In recent years, we’ve had significant focus on fund groups (asset management companies) via yBC’s strategic alliance with one of the world’s most successful asset management publishing and events companies.

What our clients say about us

It may seem obvious to say so, but there’s no point in asking us how good we are at what we do. Feedback from our clients says it all …

I’ve worked closely with Mark and his team over more than a decade – both watching him work with our clients, and also as a client myself. He and his team are sharp. Their recommendations are spot on. Their creative is great. Most importantly, we get getting results. Highly recommended.

Guy Lean

Director, Madison Mayfair

The Hubbub team works with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Their professional and friendly manner makes them great to work with – so important when trying to achieve strategic results in such a short space of time. Their recommendations and outputs were spot on for us.

Belinda Rushton

Director, Ricoh UK

I have found Mark and the team to be completely focused on delivering ideas and solutions that deliver tangible and measurable results for our organisation. Their understanding of how to create and stimulate interest through online channels, using their great networks, sets them apart.

David Dorling

Marketing, SwissPost

Case study: Launching an intranet for UK’s largest estate agency group

In 2015, we were approached to develop an internet solution for 12,500 people working around the UK at Countrywide Plc. Given the scale of the task and over 1,500 branch locations, the project was delivered as a staged roll out, so that all areas of the business could transition to this great new tool.  

We worked closely with Interact Intranet, the Countrywide Management Team, and a selection of 60 people from around the business.  The Hubbub team worked with stakeholders to design and develop the intranet, and provided 12 months of on-going support to the business post launch.  The intranet was well received by Countrywide as a whole and by their individual staff members.


Global financial services giant Prudential PLC has a corporate presence in most major markets and some 24,000 employees around the globe. So, when the company undertakes an initiative to reinforce the key values of the business and help to develop the company culture, it’s a serious undertaking.

We were sent to Vietnam to help capture the story of an employee who, in the face of adversity, had bounced back with the help of colleagues at the company. The interview was conducted in Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City, directed by one of our core team members on location and then transcribed locally before being edited back in Europe. Over the following few weeks, we pieced together and refined the story of this employee’s difficult journey, and documented the very positive outcome which she was ultimately able to achieve for herself.

Our clients and wider management at Prudential have been delighted with the quality of the resulting video and we’re looking forward to further projects with Prudential.

CASE STUDY: Global consultancy firm adds world class experts

PA Consulting is a top tier brand with an impressive global footprint and significant client projects in both the private and public sectors.  To remain competitive and current, the firm delivers training and support to its partners and employees globally via a sophisticated training portal, called The Academy.  The Hubbub team, via yBC, helped significantly with this in 2018. 

Having seen the Brilliant Minds briefings, the PA team decided that they wanted to add significant content from world class experts, to add depth and increase engagement.  A licence agreement was signed, and our team got to work helping PA.

We pulled together a library of top flight content for the PA team to choose from, focussing on the topics which closely mirror their training and development priorities for the year.

High impact promotional videos throughout their building in London helped to launch this new content, and colleagues further afield were sent links to the videos.   There were also posters and promotional emails produced.

The team can now themselves identify, choose and playlist from a library of nearly 1,000 video clips.  This means that they can reinforce training, development and internal messaging by including relevant clips from world class experts.  The briefing clips are short, punchy and produced to very high standards.

Meet three of our key people

All in all, Hubbub (UK) limited comprises a talented group of some 20 creative individuals interested in business strategy, storytelling, graphic design, technology, cinematography and more. Meet the three team members leading the organisation.

Mark Sinclair

Managing Director

Mark founded the business in 2001, soon after arriving in London. He now leads the client development team in the UK, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Mark also works on some aspects of digital projects.

James Kirk

Head of Production

Based in Hamburg, James leads a talented team of video, website, digital platform and content development people in New Zealand and Europe. James became a partner in Hubbub soon after arriving in the UK.

Filip Jovicic

Project Manager

An experienced leader of digital projects, Filip joined the team in London, working largely out of Hubbub’s Farringdon base. He ensures the smooth delivery of projects, on time, on target and within budget.

Right people; wrong place

Our team – which in early 2020 comprises 18 people – brings together a fine blend of experience and expertise. Since the early “naughties” we’ve hired the “right people in the wrong place” and use virtual business structures to ensure that we can deliver superb outcomes for clients, every time. We serve you from multiple timezones and there are no fancy offices to fund. Our longest standing team members have been working at a distance (from each other, and clients) for over 20 years.

The wow factor.

We often get feedback that we exceed expectations. So you’ll experience the highest quality production standards, methodology and delivery – resulting in the “wow factor”.

In a world which has been upended by Covid-19, “business as usual” is clearly not an option. In truth, it has been this way even before the pandemic: business people are consumers in their private lives, and so the standards being set by the worlds biggest, most successful consumer brands are the new “level” you must hit. In many cases you only get one chance to get it right.

Contact us to get started.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help. Please call or email us in the first instance.

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Since 2002, Hubbub has been based in Bristol. However, because our management and team members are geographically dispersed, please email or call us.