Clients talk about results

When you invest hard-won budget into any marketing or public relations project it’s not enough to have an excellent strategy and the best intentions. You need to know that the plan will be flawlessly executed. When a project gets the green light, Hubbub’s clients can rely on the team to achieve the best possible outcomes on time and within budget.

“As Communication and Marketing Director for New Zealand’s Department of Labour, one of my key responsibilities is to ensure that New Zealand immigration is promoted in key markets around the world. Our aim is to focus attention on New Zealand as a great place to live, work and play.

Because of recent changes in New Zealand’s immigration policy and the labour market conditions in New Zealand, the UK has become an increasingly important focus for us. We needed to create a big splash about the great work opportunities in New Zealand and raise awareness about immigrating here, and to make Kiwis in the UK think about coming home. But it is really hard to get attention in this crowded market, and in particular there is intense competition to get the attention of key media.

We were referred to Hubbub as a UK based agency which would get us results. We’re thrilled with what has been achieved.

They have great ideas and energy. But that alone is not enough. They also think about the big issues, they completely understand the big world of communications and they have a sharp focus on what is actually going to work for the audience, and for their clients. Most importantly, they execute their ideas as if it matters.

Hubbub is also responsive in the very best sense. The team is prepared to modify activity to meet the client’s needs and budgets, but still gives the right advice. They make themselves available and work quickly, both of which were hugely important for us being on the other side of the world. We set very tight timeframes and ambitious goals, and despite this the Hubbub team kept their humour and delivered superbly.

Best of all, Hubbub not only got us the results we were looking for – they exceeded them. We were able to launch our campaign with a splash, by projecting a huge image over central London to get massive attention, and then following up with intensive PR activity with key UK media which reached well over five and a half million people.”

Richard Ninness, Communications and Marketing Director, New Zealand Department of Labour.

“To all the Hubbub Team,

I would never normally get up early on a Saturday morning, delay my “Saturday jobs”, and write a business letter to anyone. But I have something very important I want to tell you. And it doesn’t feel right to leave it till Monday.

As you know, things are going really well with our business. Our niche area – of showing companies how to get results every time they present – is proving so valuable to companies that we are having all sorts of successes. One client – a major bank – has just won business from 18 pitches out of 18 since I worked with them; another client has just told me I taught him more about effective presenting than his “previous teacher… and she had taught two US Presidents”; and we are picking up large new contracts almost daily.

Because we insist on offering the absolute best levels of customer service, we always insist on our suppliers doing the same. We know we’re not the easiest to work for, because of the standards of perfection we demand.

And now comes the reason for writing this letter at some ungodly hour on a Saturday morning…

Since you started working for us, you have exceeded even our wildest expectations. Not just with the standard of your expertise and work (something I take for granted a little – I expect people to be brilliant at what they do, as you know!), but the fact that you have:

  • met every single deadline – and they’ve been unforgivingly tight!
  • have kept us informed at every stage
  • taken calls at all times to ensure everything was ready for the conference keynote speech I did yesterday
  • the list goes on

The biggest thing though is you have the one trait you dream of finding with suppliers. The one elusive thing that so few suppliers have…

You have total emotional buy-in to our success. You were as pleased as we were with how brilliantly things went for us yesterday – and that’s saying something!

It felt like we had three extra staff, the way you were on hand at every opportunity to help us (this is particularly amazing since you were at the conference in your own right, so had your own company objectives for being there, but you put all that to one side to help make the day work well for us).

So, you helped us earn lots – and I mean LOTS – of money yesterday. We wouldn’t have done anywhere nearly as well without you.

And because of that brilliance on a Friday, here I am on a Saturday morning, feeling absolute delight in having found a company that I know we will be working with for many years to come. Not as suppliers, but as true business partners.

Thank you for everything. But I am now off to do the things I should be doing on a Saturday!

Very best,

Andy Bounds”

Andy Bounds, Andy Bounds Limited

“MRI has had the pleasure of working with Hubbub over the last 3 years, initially in the UK, then on a global basis. What started as a relationship with just Mark Sinclair working on PR projects, turned very quickly into full-blown marketing support and event management for our 1100 offices in 39 countries. In my opinion, Hubbub has a unique offering in a crowded market place. They listen, they make clear commitments that are competitively priced, they produce innovative work and, most importantly, they deliver on time and on budget. Whether your needs are an outstanding client event at the Royal Albert Hall, the best conference delivered in the 40 year history of your company, or a small direct mail campaign or a global branding project, I can make no higher recommendation than Hubbub. You’ll also enjoy working with them!!”

Steve Mills, Senior Vice President, Management Recruiters International Inc.

“I would like to say a very big thank you on behalf of everyone at the BNI National Office to Hubbub for working with us at the European Conference in Bristol recently and to say how much we appreciated the time and effort you put into helping us. It is difficult to do justice in writing to the impact that your input had.

BNI is the most successful business referral organisation in the world and currently helps over 12,000 businesses in the UK and Ireland to grow their business through word of mouth marketing. With so many potential suppliers to choose from, we’re able to pick the highest quality suppliers for any particular service. Therefore, we were delighted to use the services of Hubbub to add the “wow factor” to our event. We always thought that we know how to professionally organise an event, but the creative ideas and input from Mark and his team took the whole show to a new level.

The results were outstanding and exceeded our high expectations. We would be more than happy to recommend Mark and his team to any potential clients in the future.”

Tim Cook, Operations Manager, Business Network International Plc

“When we approached Hubbub with the challenge of coming up with exciting ways for us to gain exposure and promote our services we never had imagined such a creative response. Not only have the marketing ideas and strategies worked wonderfully, we have experienced constant support and help throughout.

Hubbub changed the way we talk about what we do, which has had a direct result over the last 6 months in getting us new business. I would thoroughly recommend Hubbub to any organisation who doesn’t just want to get noticed, but who really wants to stand out and get results.

Adam Etheridge, Director, Aspect Film and Video

“We instructed Hubbub to review one past and one live proposal. James made recommendations to ensure we clearly communicated the value we delivered and past successes, and in particular, that we differentiated our company and our current proposal from competitors. As a result, we were successful in being appointed to the designing phase of a £3 million refurbishment project.”

Roger Hughes, Chairman, Imperial Business Interiors

“I’ve worked with a number of consultants and in my view Mark’s customer service is streets ahead compared to most, possibly because it comes so naturally to him […] he remains calm under pressure, is completely focussed on the best outcome for his clients and, frankly, is just a pure pleasure to work with. […] In thinking of what his weaknesses are, actually I can’t offer you anything. If he was ever interested, I’d hire Mark in a second.”

Corporate Affairs Manager, Multinational Financial Services Company

“In our years of business we have seldom come across someone with the level of professionalism that Mark possesses […]. He is one of those rare individuals who is not only intelligent and business focussed, but is also creative and able to think outside the square.”

Directors, Ocean Design Group, Export Branding Specialist

“Mark assessed [our] needs, worked within a tight budget and to tight timelines, consulted significantly, and produced resources which have continued to be this organisation’s prime marketing device. We were delighted with his work, and would use him again. He is unfailingly cheerful and polite and very knowledgeable about his craft.”

Executive Director, Education Wellington International, Global Consultancy