Having developed a reputation for working with large international clients based in other countries, it will be no surprise that Hubbub was engaged by Expense Reduction Analysts to work on a major rebranding exercise for the organisation. Expense Reduction Analysts is a highly competitive and very effective business, and has a presence on almost every continent.

Specialised in cutting back on, or in some instances even completely eliminating unnecessary expenses for businesses, Expense Reduction Analysts provides a service that essentially adds to the profits a company can make.

Given that the firm operates in a field which is sometimes misunderstood, management identified the need to ensure that the positioning and branding of the organisation were extremely clear to potential clients.

After engaging Hubbub, the team based in the UK, Germany and New Zealand worked on remodelling and relaunching the Expense Reduction Analysts brand.

To do that, a shift in focus was required, moving towards the very positive effect that the firms consultants have when they work with almost everyone of their clients – that is very simply the discovery of savings that translate into extra profit that goes straight back onto the clients’ bottom line!

Hubbub planned and developed a complete new look and feel for the firm – a change that was then made to all of the firm’s websites worldwide including their franchising websites.

The changes were physical too, with Hubbub setting brand guidelines and developing templates for all major branded communications, including the production of new brochures, sales videos and other sales tools in several languages, customer prospect communications and the production of a complete new suite of materials and collateral for the analysts to use in the field.

Six months later, the rebrand has been very well received on a global basis, and it has enabled Expense Reduction Analysts to provide potential clients with a much clearer impression of the service that they provide.

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