Expense Reduction Analysts are an international business with the objective of helping companies reduce their non-strategic costs. In practice, that means that they help companies make more profit without compromising anything of their business activities.

While they have an exceptional track record in trimming the fat off costs for companies the world round, this time ERA is taking a look at some of its own operations.

Specifically, they believed it was time to improve on their marketing methods and embark upon some serious rebranding activities. Delighted at the chance to work with a large global franchisor such as ERA, Hubbub is doubly keen to make sure that the company’s message is sent out clearly to everybody they speak with and to every prospect they talk to.

Furthermore, because they work with many of the biggest brands in the world, “ERA operate in dozens of countries around the world, so we are delighted to bring on a client that adds such serious clout to our stable”, said Mark Sinclair, Hubbub’s managing director. “After all, the object of the exercise is to make sure we help them win more business.”

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