The last quarter of 2007 proved a fantastic period for the business development of a very rapidly growing online television business. Throughout the year, Hubbub worked with New Zealand based client yourBusinessChannel, assisting them in bringing their service to the world.

Designed for successful entrepreneurs looking for the right advice about key aspects of their business, yourBusinessChannel is an online TV channel providing no-nonsense business advice and guidance.

In an enduring relationship with the channel, Hubbub has come to take charge of much of the business development that yourBusinessChannel requires. Delivering on those requirements, Hubbub has been able to help create huge growth in the number of people that the channel will be promoted to through a growing number of syndication partners, throughout 2008.

Using the business development methods designed by Hubbub, the total number of people that the channel is to be promoted to, is rapidly approaching 5 million.

This phenomenal number has been achieved in such a short time by working with some of the web’s leading companies online today.

Syndication partners include global media and blogging network b5media, leading online stock photography providers iStockPhoto, one of the worlds largest business oriented social networking services Ecademy, a number of leading newspaper networks who feature yourBusinessChannel on their websites, as well as numerous online businesses with a large B2B contact base.

Hubbub will continue to work with yourBusinessChannel on their business development and as this news item goes to press (Jan 2008), there has been significant positive business development activity, and projections are to double if not triple the number of business people to which yourBusinessChannel will be promoted during the year.

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