While Hubbub is often asked to design and deliver strategies to increase sales, the reality is that activities such as marketing or rebranding aren’t the only ways to make money.

In the case of one client, the Hubbub directors noticed an entirely different way of marketing a company. In the course of an excited telephone call, they saw the potential of marketing it for sale.

Hubbub had spent some time working with two very motivated and expert entrepreneurial business people who had built up a very good business based on an innovative product that they had developed.

However, the industry in which they were working was one that was extremely competitive and becoming increasingly turbulent as time went by.

Having made a detailed assessment of the situation, and looked at a wide variety of options that were available to these entrepreneurs, Hubbub decided to offer them the unusual option of grooming and marketing the business for sale.

Given the innovative nature of the business, its previous success, and in recognition of how well the business was doing, if the sale was the option that was to be pursued, then it would need to be at a very good price.

The deal would also need to ensure good future prospects and further earnings for the entrepreneurs who built the company from scratch.

Having opted for the sale, Hubbub approached a firm that was arguably the best potential purchaser in the market. After carefully brokering a sales agreement between the two firms, the business fetched double figure millions.

The entrepreneurs were very happy with the deal, and with the way that the sale was negotiated, plus the deal could potentially be worth a lot more to them over the next few years.

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