World renowned sales expert Andy Bounds has launched an international product line to take his business global. Already a popular and recognised speaker and trainer for audiences in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, Bounds has developed a self-paced, self-learning product to help people improve the results they get when they pitch to win business. Hubbub has been brought in to help develop and package Win That Pitch and then devise a global marketing strategy to distribute the product.

The team is marketing the product to business communities which routinely pitch for business and whose livelihood depends on winning pitches.

Hubbub’s director of attention, James Kirk says, “There is a huge market for a high performing, results-driven product like this. Our strategy is to reach out to the groups of businesses which are most likely to want to improve their pitching success rate. We’ve put together a plan which enables us to easily get the attention of the target audience and very swiftly explain the details of the product in such a way that they want to buy. So far, we have had huge interest across almost every category of business we have approached, regardless of their location.”

The rollout of Win That Pitch will take place over the coming months and Mr. Kirk is confident that Win That Pitch will swiftly become a best-selling resource for business people around the world.

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