With the rise of the internet as a business tool, in emerging economies, there are many new opportunities to work with exciting companies.

Hubbub has extended its reach around the globe, having recently completed a major overhaul of a website for MRI China Group, one of the leading and fastest growing recruitment consultancies in Asia.

The project called for an examination of their existing site and a meeting of minds on how the company wanted to move forward into the future.

MRI China was already a force to be reckoned with in the recruitment market in China. As recognised leaders in the field, in December 2007 the firm was awarded the prestigious ChinaSTAFF/CCH Recruitment Firm of the Year Award. This was the third successive year in which the company had received the award.

The firm required a site that would reflect and build upon its reputation as a leader and information centre in the region. This reputation is based in part on the fact that MRI China professionals have in depth conversations with more than 1000 individuals every day.

A new approach to their web presence would build upon those conversations and further extend their assistance to both clients and candidates throughout China, including Hong Kong, as well as Taiwan and Singapore.

Covering such a large area and what is a huge population base, the MRI China site is very extensive. A significant task in the remodelling of the site was to ensure that relevant – not to mention extensive – information was included for people within every one of the target areas, as well as providing assistance and services to both candidates and clients.

The concept for the new look site was one that refreshed and launched a reinvigorated brand, and was to be ready for a major new campaign that MRI China Group will be sending out to all of their contacts.

It is really important that branding is accessible and has impact, said Tony Dickel, CEO of the MRI China Group. And it is of equally great importance that the site clearly shows the value of what you bring to the people that you work for.

Putting more weight behind the punch of this new look website, the firm has also teamed up with yourBusinessChannel. Now on the MRI China site are feature shows from the online TV station’s recruitment channel. These shows feature expert tips and information from some of MRI China’s most senior staff, and are available around the clock.

Visit the remodelled MRI China Group website.

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