With internet usage hours already having surpassed those of television viewing, online TV looks set to be the next big thing. For some time, Hubbub has been working with New Zealand based client yourBusinessChannel, assisting with the business development of the online TV channel. Over the course of the last year, the focus has been on increasing viewer numbers and expanding the service around the globe.

Designed for successful entrepreneurs looking for the right advice about key aspects of their business, yourBusinessChannel is an online TV channel providing no-nonsense business advice and guidance.

As yourBusinessChannel entered into what was a highly critical stage of its development, the firm’s management approached Mark Sinclair with multiple ‘who’s who’ and ‘top 100’ style lists featuring the names of the most influential business thinkers in the world.

Obviously it was going to be very difficult to get the attention of these people, so Hubbub was put to the test to come up with a campaign that would generate great results.

Rising to the challenge, the team at Hubbub developed a strategy which they were sure would serve to generate some truly amazing results.

Hubbub designed and developed a contact campaign that would demand absolutely nothing in terms of advertising spend. While it looked ambitious on paper, once enacted, the campaign achieved a 45% response – and that was the figure that was reported within the first 24 hours!

With an end figure that is actually well beyond that, the approach that Hubbub used to generate the response has enabled yourBusinessChannel to begin doing some very significant business.

As you might well imagine, getting results like that for a client certainly gave them something to celebrate over the southern summer!

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