For those that are a little shy, flirting via text message has proven a valuable gambit in the game of love. But there has always been one slight drawback for these candid Casanova’s – you can only flirt with people you already have numbers for, which means you’ve probably had to flirt with them enough to get it in the first place!

But a Bristol based business has made it their ambition to remove that final hurdle to match making. AKA Flirt have devised a cunning way for shy folks to be able to send and receive messages, without having to wear their actual cell number on their sleeve. And Hubbub has been brought in to help them get more love in the air.

To do this, there is a definite need to assist AKA Flirt refine their business concept, and to find different ways that they can get their service out to their audience.

“This really is an exciting business. Text messaging is obviously something that’s on a meteoric rise so this is a great commercial opportunity for our client”, said Hubbub Managing Director Mark Sinclair.

“There are serious challenges we look forward to tackling. Firstly, there’s obviously a lot of noise in the text messaging market, and secondly they’re on a very tight budget, so we really have to get their message out there in a way that works for them.”

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