Award-winning executive search organisation MRI Network Worldwide is expanding its franchise sales efforts. The company, recently purchased by a consortium of venture capitalists, has set healthy growth targets and plans to strengthen its presence in countries where its market share is likely to grow. Part of an impressive global network of franchises spanning over 35 countries, MRI Network Worldwide plans significant expansion in the UK, Europe and Asia.

The team from Hubbub has been brought in to put together a franchise marketing and lead generation strategy. Hubbub managing director Mark Sinclair, who has an extensive history with the organisation, is heading up the team.

Mr Sinclair says: “The franchising industry is over-saturated and relatively unsophisticated. So while our client has a great franchise to offer, it can be hard to get attention in the right quantities. Our strategy is to give our client the tools it needs to clearly differentiate itself from all other franchise offerings, target a very specific market and use unique ways to get attention. These three elements alone will ensure that MRI Network Worldwide enjoys great success as it expands its operations around the world.”

Mr Sinclair says that the team at Hubbub has already made significant inroads into developing tools for the franchise sales team at MRI Network Worldwide and that they expect many of these to be in use within a month.

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