A world leader in specialised software has appointed Hubbub as its virtual marketing, PR and communications team. WebHost Automation, a top three company providing highly complex software for webhosting companies around the globe decided to outsource key marketing and business development functions to the experts at Hubbub.

Managing Director and COO Mark Hall said, “We have grown immensely in the last three years, and while our entrepreneurial spirit tells us to do it ourselves, our operation is so big that we really need to call in the specialist experts in to take us to the next level. We’re developing a new release of our flagship product, Helm, at the same time as servicing thousands of customers in nearly 130 countries, so it’s sensible for us to focus on operations and call in the right team to get our marketing and PR right.”

Hubbub Director of Attention, James Kirk, says that the initial focus will be on potential growth areas and strengthening WebHost Automation’s network of resellers and partners around the globe. “We are confident that we can help Mark and the team at WebHost not only strengthen the relationships they have with their existing customers, but also grow the customer base significantly in the next 24 months.”

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