Hubbub is excited to announce the development of SNAP! TV, a broadband TV channel dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs who are confused or frustrated about marketing and PR to make the right decisions.

With more than half of the population in the UK now accessing the internet on a regular basis – and with broadband subscriptions increasing rapidly – providing easily accessible, free internet TV content from the SNAP! consultants was a necessary step forward for the product.

James Kirk, Hubbub director based in London, says “Entrepreneurs and small businesses spend countless hours reading books, scouring the net and Googling themselves into the ground, but their marketing problems just aren’t going away.”

“For the small business person or entrepreneur without the budget to employ professional help, PR and marketing can be a challenge. With the amount of people going into business for themselves these days, a mainstream TV channel that offers free top professional advice was just begging to be launched!”

The SNAP! team of experts will host a regular series of programmes, each addressing the kind of marketing problems business people face every day.

Mr. Kirk says that whether a business person needs to know how to get journalists interested in their business, run an ad campaign that delivers results, or wants to learn how to effectively market on the net, SNAP! TV will help build your marketing and grow the business.

SNAP! is a PR and marketing product owned by Hubbub and specifically developed for small business people and entrepreneurs.

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