For the smaller player with an exciting new product or service to promote, key industry events can represent a huge opportunity but also a budgetary nightmare. For any important event you can guarantee that your competitors will be there in force with big stands, huge sales teams and looking highly professional.

If you don’t have those kind of resources to throw at the event, you can risk looking unimportant, or just not get noticed at all. This can lead to the worst possible situation where you invest significantly to be at the show but don’t get sales results.

Hubbub’s client Webhost Automation, was the number 3 developer of web hosting software worldwide.

They had an exciting new product to launch at the annual web hosting convention in Las Vegas. All the major players would be there including their new partner, Microsoft, so it was critical to impress.

The problem was that the competitors were much bigger companies with literally millions of dollars of venture capital funding and the ability to spend $50,000 just on drinks at a nightclub for convention delegates!

The key strategy to get the attention our client needed was to effectively steal the show before anyone turned up. This was done by launching the software in a way that was completely different for this industry.

Two short films were created – similar to the kind of thing you might see for the launch of a new PlayStation game. The films were loaded to the clients’ internet site and then mailed to our clients’ mailing list and conference delegates a week beforehand. A couple of days later the second show was released.

The effect was monumental. There were huge pre-registrations of the clients’ beta software in advance of the show. Even the competitors were writing reviews of these ads on the website. Everyone in this global industry knew that the beta would be ready for release, that it would be debuting at the conference – and were excited to find out more.

Our client had grabbed the attention of all the key people, before the doors of the conference even opened.

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