For companies focused on increasing key sales metrics by even a few percentage points, it’s easy to get locked into increasing profitability on a linear scale. However, if this approach is applied too dogmatically, one can lose sight of larger opportunities to achieve spectacular growth very quickly.

Working with Webhost Automation, Hubbub was able to bring in revenue equivalent to the entire previous year’s turnover in six short weeks. The secret was to look at partnerships that could give the top line a major hit.

Working with the client, Hubbub helped put a pitch to Microsoft to explore mutual opportunities in the webhosting software market. A partnership was suggested whereby Microsoft would benefit hugely from a large uptake of the client’s software licenses on the Windows platform.

The team flew to Seattle to put the pitch to Microsoft.

It was agreed that Microsoft would underwrite a “50% off” sale of the clients’ product in two tranches. Thus the general public would be able to get the product at 50% off the price with Microsoft funding the balance.

The initial sale was hugely successful.

The plan was to sell 300 licenses within a few weeks – 700 were sold in the first few days.

For Microsoft the benefit was a huge uptake of a key product in the software space which helped them strategically increase their market share in an industry of vital importance to them.

The client won with the huge revenue it had received in just six short weeks from the initial planning to final implementation of the sale.

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