A campaign conceived and managed by Hubbub for the New Zealand government has achieved major attention within the industry. The New Zealand Now campaign, which was launched by Hubbub in London in October 2005, was reported on the front page of PR Week.

The publication, which goes out to PR and marketing professionals each week, printed an image of the massive 30mx30m projection on its front cover, and provided details of the campaign for readers around the UK.

Hubbub Managing Director Mark Sinclair says that the launch has achieved its objectives. “While the campaign was obviously a great deal of fun to work on, the most important thing is that we hit the targets jointly set by us and our clients”, he said. “The launch achieved headline coverage in key mainstream media outlets in New Zealand, and really kicked the campaign off with a significant event in central London.”

“Government initiatives like this are tricky ones, because it can be harder to get people excited than when there is some hot new product for sale”, says Hubbub Director of Attention James Kirk. “The New Zealand Now message is of high interest to Kiwis, so we needed to create a big story that would zap around the world via the media, the internet, SMS and phone lines. Projecting the client’s URL and a national icon 30 meters square to the heart of London’s skyline gave a great photo opportunity for the media and the perfect image for the government’s launch event.”

Hubbub’s work on the campaign was also reported in Marketing Week and on UK based industry websites at the same time.

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