Hubbub has just completed a major industry review project for a global professional services company. The study’s findings will help boost our client’s sales. Taking only six weeks to complete, we worked very closely with a talented specialist research consultant who designed the research process and signed off the final report.

Hubbub was responsible for the design of the conceptual elements of the review and managed the entire project from start to finish. The review was conducted completely blind, so while the client was one of the companies being measured, the people actually involved in the research were unaware they were being studied, thereby ensuring a higher level of accuracy and objectivity in the final report.

The client was delighted with the outcomes in terms of competitive intelligence they picked up from this study. The report itself provides them not only with great information they can use for marketing purposes, but also with insights that have helped them identify ways to improve their sales and processes immediately.

“This is a great example of where we can help a client make the right decisions. This information enables our client to move from making decisions in a relative vacuum to actually clearly knowing what’s going on in a competitive and secretive industry and where they stand against their key competitors”, says Hubbub Managing Director Mark Sinclair.

“Now they’re in the perfect position to make decisions that will have a real impact on their bottom line.”

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