A gorilla on the loose in Bristol raised some eyebrows, including with local and national media. The ‘gorilla tactics’ were all part of a carefully orchestrated campaign for the the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. The campaign showed how it is possible to generate high levels of local and national media interest with the likes of the BBC via the clever use of photo opportunities.

“Getting media interest in a highly competitive market is very difficult unless you are prepared to be a bit different”, according to PR specialist David Chandler. “Charities are a good example of this. Everyone has a great cause, but the journalists are contacted every single day by people seeking coverage, so most worthy stories will miss out.”

“I chose the Dian Fossey Fund as my charity because of the fantastic work that they do and the fact that they are not widely known in Bristol. Being in PR, I couldn’t help but think that running in a full gorilla suit might help me generate some great photo opportunities, build media interest and raise a significant amount of money for them!” said David.

David and the team at Hubbub developed a campaign which aimed to raise awareness with the public and the media, and which would help him to reach his target of raising over £1000 in two short weeks.

“If you create some real excitement, some real buzz, it makes it so much easier to sell your story to journalists, who at the end of the day, are in the business of great stories. Right from the start we created buzz by sending out bananas instead of traditional press releases to some journalists. That sparked their curiosity and had media like Radio 1 calling us for the story.”

The “Run Gorilla Run” campaign also included a website and two professionally produced viral “King Kong” videos for the internet.

The campaign was a huge success, with outstanding media coverage locally and nationally, thousands of hits on the website, and with people around the world donating money to the cause.

The Dian Fossey Fund were thrilled with the result – and the coverage.

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