A London-based experimental media organisation has appointed Hubbub as its PR and promotional partner. Spungo, an award-winning international media hothouse, is on the verge of expanding its activities into Europe and further afield, and has sought the professional advice of Hubbub in a number of critical areas.

Hubbub managing director Mark Sinclair noted: “We have always been proud of the wide range and variety of clients who seek our support, and this new addition to our client portfolio is no exception. Spungo is an exceptional organisation with fascinating objectives and we are thrilled to be involved in helping this business to expand globally.”

While Mr Sinclair was unable to elaborate on the exact nature of the projects which Hubbub is working on in conjunction with Spungo, he was able to say: “We can guarantee that every single Spungo initiative we work on will be something which has never been seen before. That’s the sort of work which we find incredibly rewarding, and we’re looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with Spungo and its considerable number of followers.”

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