Examples of how it’s done

We all know that things which are different stand out. Remember the last time you went to a function or gathering dressed a bit too casually while everyone else wore a suit? We immediately notice things that are out of the ordinary or unexpected, and push everything else in to the background. Our brains are designed this way because we can’t pay attention to everything at once. Our attention is very selective.

Most companies spend their marketing budgets on apparently “creative” campaigns which actually make them look the same as everyone else. That’s a shame, because if you are prepared to be very different, you can create the kind of excitement and buzz which will drive sales.

It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, or how you measure success. The principles remain the same. Click on a news article or case study below to see how it’s done!


    Hit squad deliver marketing piece with 100% uptake for telco

    Mark Sinclair Founder
    Telecom New Zealand, under pressure from an international mobile communications giant, was haemorrhaging market share and urgently needed to successfully launch a new mobile product brand to the youth market. There were two massive challenges. The competitor had a more exciting product, and the 12-25 age bracket is notoriously difficult to reach. TV and press [...]