Telecom New Zealand, under pressure from an international mobile communications giant, was haemorrhaging market share and urgently needed to successfully launch a new mobile product brand to the youth market.

There were two massive challenges. The competitor had a more exciting product, and the 12-25 age bracket is notoriously difficult to reach. TV and press were ruled out immediately.

After winning the work from the incumbent agency Saatchi & Saatchi, we realised the name of the game was to get people talking like never before. The final campaign included production of a 90-second cinema commercial, guerrilla marketing and non-traditional collateral for this highly cynical market.

The highlight was the development of a specialist “hit squad”, who travelling on BMX and skateboard in every major city to deliver promotional material direct to wherever the market gathered.

The campaign led to huge interest amongst the target market, and included a key element that received an astonishing 100% uptake.

Get in touch if you would like to know the details. We can’t promise 100% for you, but it proves that if you be very different, and get the execution spot on, you can achieve phenomenal results.

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